customer experience We build Customer Experiences

  1. The focus is clear; Build the rich customer experiences, by enabling them to express and define the problem domain in their own way; by sharing and collaborating others rich experiences; by helping them to leverage from the project-ready skill set. This capacity-building is burnt into next cycle and so on. This way we build more success stories, more returning customers and more customer loyalties.

    So our success is built around customer success, our business is built around customer business.
  1. Outsourcing
    We suggest different offshore relationship models for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), IT departments, application & web development companies to initiate and build a flexible and professional long-term partnership. One of the key points in our approach is continuous involvement of the customer throughout the development lifecycle of the project. We ensure that at every step, customer is always in a position to make informed decisions and recommendations to their stakeholders.

    We offer Resources and Services Outsourcing. In Resource based engagement, we help customers create solutions with desired technology that is customized to their work model, processes and personnel.

    This engagement model basically depends on customer's individual needs. Customers build their own team of dedicated software developers. These dedicated highly skilled resources will be engaged on customer only projects and report to onshore customer-side management; gelled as if part of their internal teams. Customers enjoy lower cost of ownership and higher returns on investment.
  1. Expertise
    Web and Mobile are our expertise; for any type of project or product; of any scale, size and complexity; from idea conception to commissioning.

    androidbadaios On the mobile front, we are good in Android, BADA and iOS platforms. We have served many US and European based customers on iOS and Android native apps. Very soon we will be able to make commitments on Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS projects as well.
    phpRuby On RailsmysqljavaJ2EExhtmlajaxjqueryfacebookDot NetFlash On the Web, we are good in building application from scratch using HTML5, PHP, RoR, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, Java, J2EE, Facebook SDK, Flex, Flash, C++ and related tools & technologies. In the business domains of eCommerce, content management solutions, enterprise bespoke solutions and standalone back-office automation applications.
  1. mobiside solution track
    Our approach is simple. We just ensure quality and result-oriented solution for each implementation. Starting from customer requirements, pump it up with rich set of robust features, best-implementation-practices, and proven methods for customizing the customer needs to fit the environment.

    We offer services on requirements engineering and mapping, business development and technical proposals activities. We deliver end-to-end solutions, Project management functions, requirement management and development process outsourcing services for business verticals and project-oriented IT firms.

    Our approach to application development and customization facilitates optimum quality solutions that meet customer expectations.


    We assure that the experience of the mobiside solution track is extremely smooth ride. Our approach to experience-based solution runs through all the major milestones, contributing to solve the customer's problem.

    This tested over period of times approach produces desired results, ensures customer's return on investment, satisfaction and strengthens trust.